Health, Safety, Security and Environmental

IOGP 577

Fabrication Site Construction Safety Recommended Practices – Hazardous Activities

This International Oil and Gas Producers report provides Safe Work Practices for a Fabrication Site (any construction activity on shore).  The safe work practices apply to many Guyanese businesses.

Safe Work Practices include :

  • General Safety
  • Dropped Objects
  • Energy Isolation
  • Housekeeping
  • Lifting and hoisting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Scaffolding, and more

IOGP 423

HSE Management Guidelines for Working Together in a Contract Environment

This report is aimed at those responsible for contracting, planning operations involving contractors, and operational oversight of contractors and their employees.

Guyanese businesses should review these guidelines to better understand the approach international oil companies and their prime contractors are likely to take towards the management of health, safety, and the environment at their facilities and with their contractors.

IOGP Report 423-01

Contractor HSE Capability Assessment and Scoring System

This document provides an example of how international oil companies or their prime contractors could evaluate the health, safety, and environment management system of a company bidding on a contract.

Guyanese businesses can use this document to understand what an international oil company or their prime contractors could look for in an HSSE management system.

IOGP Report 423-02

Guide to Preparing HSE Plans and Bridging Documents

This report describes how a prime contractor develops a project-specific Health and Safety plan and how they bridge their own requirements to the client’s requirements.

Guyanese businesses should review this document if they receive a contract with either an international oil company or a prime contractor.

IOGP Report 512

Security Management System – Processes and Concepts in Security Management

This document describes the concepts behind developing a security management system and the components that comprise such a system.

OSHA 2209-02R 2005

Small Business Safety Management Series

This handbook is the basis of the Centre’s HSSE Management System Seminar. It provides guidelines for small businesses to start the development of their HSSE management systems.

United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration

This website provides links to many United States Occupational Health and Safety Agency videos and training resources safety and health topics.  These videos cover safety for topics such as construction, cranes, electrical, fall protection, lockout/tagout, machine guarding, scaffolding, trenching, and excavations.

These videos can be used to train staff and to help develop safe work practices or standard operating procedures. Please be advised that these videos reference U.S. laws and regulations.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

This U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Agency website is dedicated to emergency preparedness.  It includes guidance on general preparedness and response, natural disasters and weather; oil, chemical, radiological, and nuclear incidents; diseases; and other safety issues.