Introduction to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Computer-based Training

The Centre’s computer-based training (CBT) Introduction to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry provides the insight and knowledge needed to help navigate Guyana’s emerging offshore oil and gas industry. The training was designed specifically to develop and educate local businesses on offshore oil and gas.

What is Computer-based Training?

To provide easier access to more businesses across Guyana, the Centre tailored its successful in-person Introduction to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Seminar into an online course. Jointly produced with experts from ExxonMobil, this online training course introduces local businesses to the ins and outs of the offshore industry.

Click here to view the CBT curriculum.

Format of the Computer Based Training

The training is open access and available free of charge through the Centre’s website. Users can easily log in from any laptop, computer or mobile phone with internet access. Six video sections review the various phases of an offshore oil and gas project, with the last section focused on offshore projects in Guyana. Dr Natasha Gaskin-Peters, a leading local expert and the Centre’s Deputy Director, leads participants through the videos. Participants can take the training at their own pace, but the six video sections need to be viewed sequentially until they have been completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how do I enroll for the course?

First, you will need to create an account. Visit   and click the link to “Register”. Complete and submit the form to create your account. You will receive an email to activate your new account. After activating your account and logging in for the first time, click on the name of the course to enter.

Do I need internet to view the CBT?

Yes, participants need an internet connection to access the CBT via the Centre’s website.

Where and how do I take the CBT?

The training is available online and can be accessed using your computer, mobile phone and laptop with internet access. The CBT is administered through the Centre’s website.  You need a login to access the platform. If you do not have a login, click here to register.

Is there a fee for the CBT?

No, the training is free and open access to all. Participants are simply required to register.

Who can take the CBT?

The training can be taken by anyone who is interested and registers.

How long is the CBT?

Each section is 15-20 minutes. The total course time is roughly 1.5 hours.

Do I have to take the CBT in one sitting?

No, you can take the CBT at your own pace. Once you have a login you can return to the section where you left off. The six video sections must be viewed sequentially until all sections have been completed.

Is there a certificate issued upon completing the CBT?

The Centre does not issue a certificate for the CBT.

If more than one person from a business or organization is taking the CBT, do they require separate registration and login?

If more than one person is taking the training from a business or organization, each individual must register separately.