About Us

About Us

Guyana stands as the world’s fastest-growing economy, offering exceptional investment prospects across various sectors including oil and gas, agriculture, transport and logistics, construction, mining, and more. The Centre assists both local and international companies in comprehending and seizing the expanding opportunities within these diverse energy and non-energy sectors. With its strategic positioning, the Centre maximizes the burgeoning market growth in Guyana to foster business expansion and drive inclusive economic development.

What We Do

Since opening in July 2017, the Centre has registered over 7,000 business on its Centre Hub, helped 100 companies build their HSSE Management Systems, carried over 5,000 individuals through oil and gas awareness seminars, conducted multiple in-depth analytics reports for clients and hosted close to 10 business missions for companies from Canada, USA and Brazil.

Over the years, the Centre’s ability to contribute to increased equitable and sustainable economic growth in Guyana has continued to grow. To accommodate this, the Centre has redefined its services and business model to accommodate these needs as a self-sustaining entity, supported by investments from across Guyana’s growing energy and other sectors by:-

  • Increasing the competitiveness for local businesses through our audits, training and mentorship programmes such as HSSE, project management, entrepreneurship, legal requirements training, workforce training, etc.
  • Increasing access to business opportunities for local and international suppliers through the Centre Hub, supplier engagement sessions, business missions, and our Investment Entry Package.
  • Improving sustainable and efficient business outcomes for all through providing in depth and well curated market reports (eg Guyana overview, real estate, wages, etc), advocacy engagements, specialised workshops.


How We Do It

The Centre continues to evolve to meet the needs of the business and assist with local content development. With decades of transformative growth ahead, the Centre is well positioned as the nexus of Guyanese and international business. In response to market trends and needs, the Centre has streamlined its range of products. Some of the current services and programme offerings include:

Who We Are

Dr. Natasha Gaskin-Peters
Gina Arjoon
Deputy Director
Onecka Newland
Senior Operations and Finance Manager
Anuradha Singh-Porter
Finance/Operations Associate
Nicola Balram
Communications Manager
Akil Lewis
QHSSE Coordinator
Sparkle Khan
Senior QHSSE Officer
Melisa Lewis
QHSSE Officer
Ron Glasgow
Analytics Coordinator
Cecil Maxwell
Analytics Coordinator