Business Support

Investor Entry Package
Connect Strategically To Ensure Your Business Success

Embark on your journey to establish operations in Guyana with The Centre for Local Business Development’s exclusive Investor Entry Package. Tailored to mitigate risks and streamline the entry process, this meticulously curated package provides comprehensive insights and essential resources for a seamless launch into the vibrant Guyanese market. Let us pave the way for your success – take the first step with confidence today. 


Accessing Vital Information for Set-Up

  • Market Research
    Dive deep into local market dynamics, assessing demand, competition, and cultural intricacies to inform your strategic decisions.
  • Compliance Essentials
    Receive a tailored information package outlining labour, legal, tax, and regulatory requirements for establishing your business in Guyana, including associated costs and projected timelines.
  • Culture Profile and Communication
    Gain insights into local culture to navigate business interactions, communication styles, and marketing strategies effectively.
  • Financial Guidance
    Learn about banking options, setting up local business bank accounts, and explore funding sources if needed, ensuring financial readiness for your business venture.
  • Recruitment and Workforce Planning
    Receive expert guidance on hiring local talent, understanding labour laws and local content regulations, and market salary rates.
  • Technology and Infrastructure
    Understand the technological landscape and connectivity in Guyana to ensure seamless operations, especially for ICT businesses.
  • Networking and Partnerships
    Connect with pre-screened local stakeholders, industry associations, and potential business partners, fostering valuable relationships to facilitate market entry.
  • Insurance and Risk Management
    Receive guidance on insurance options and risk management strategies to safeguard your business interests in Guyana.
Additional Support

Mentoring You through the Process

  • Regulatory Support
    Our expert team will facilitate introductions and schedule appointments with top legal firms, tax accountants, insurance providers, real estate agencies, the Ministry of Labour, and more.
  • B2B
    Unlock unparalleled networking opportunities with pre-vetted local businesses through our innovative Centre Hub platform.
  • Logistics
    Enjoy a stress-free travel experience with our logistics support. From booking hotels to arranging ground transportation, we handle all the details so you can focus on what matters most – your business.
  • Marketing
    Benefit from prime placement in our highly circulated Magazine and extensive social media exposure across platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.