Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Centre HSSE programmes are advancing safety culture and international standards to help businesses grow opportunities.

The Centre and HSSE

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) in the oil and gas industry is a top priority. With Guyana an oil producer, there is an enormous opportunity to address gaps and ensure HSSE is interwoven into Guyanese business culture.

The Centre plays an integral role in fostering the development and expansion of a safety culture in Guyana. To demonstrate commitment and leadership in safety, the Centre offers training in HSSE for local businesses through its introductory courses. These courses are recommended for companies interested in learning more about HSSE in the oil and gas industry.

HSSE Management System Programme

The Centre not only raises awareness with local business of the expectations for HSSE in the oil and gas industry, but also assists businesses to build their HSSE management systems. The HSSE Management System Programme is multi-faceted. It includes an initial seminar tailored specifically for Senior Management Executives followed by individual follow-up sessions with the Centre’s international HSSE experts. These sessions provide businesses with the opportunity to discuss their HSSE status and receive guidance on developing or enhancing their HSSE management systems.