Upcoming Events

Keep in the know with Centre and other industry-based events and trainings. These sessions are either hosted at the Centre’s building, an external location, or online, including awareness trainings, vendor days, RFI clarification sessions and more. For businesses to register for events, kindly log into your Centre Hub profile and register your company’s employees to attend.

Employment Opportunities

In addition to business opportunities, the Centre also publishes employment opportunities to serve as a vital link between job seekers and employers, facilitating career advancement and economic empowerment. Covering a wide array of industries and positions, these postings offer awareness into available vacancies and talent acquisition within the local community in Guyana.

Procurement Opportunities

The Centre for Local Business Development is the premier platform for publishing business (procurement) opportunities for local and international businesses to access. Through the website and Centre Hub, businesses can gain visibility into various projects and contracts available for diverse sectors including oil and gas.