3-6 months

Designed specifically for professionals including managers, heads of organisations or individuals actively engaged in project management.

The Centre’s Project Management Mentorship Programme is curated to strengthen the grasp of project management to foster seamless collaboration, ensure compliance with client requirements, and achieve successful project delivery. This is a hand-holding mentorship programme with immediate real-world applicability for tangible results.

Tailored Learning

  • Aligned with your business and contractual requirements

Practical Mentorship

  • Ensuring adept implementation of awarded contracts inclusive of one-on-one meetings; document review and provision of PM tools

Comprehensive curriculum

  • The 3Ps framework
  • Project governance
  • Understanding client contracts
  • Scope management
  • Schedule management
  • Cost management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management

Short courses

  • Contract Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Cost Management