Women’s Entrepreneurship Programmes

Call for applications

The Centre’s Accelerate-Her programme and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Road to Growth programme have teamed up for a joint call for applications from women entrepreneurs in Guyana. This is an exciting opportunity for Guyanese women to access professional mentoring and skills to develop and grow their businesses. By completing a single joint online application, women entrepreneurs automatically apply to enter into either one of the newly launched programmes.  Those selected will participate in the programme that best fits their business interests and needs.



The Centre‘s Accelerate-Her is a newly launched women entrepreneurship programme. Targeting local women owners, operators, and managers, it builds the leadership and business skills of women entrepreneurs in Guyana to help them grow companies across a wide variety of industries and sectors.

The programme is designed to enable the acceleration of small businesses through tailored workshops, access to one-on-one business advisory and mentors, pitch development, and fostering a strong and supportive peer-learning environment for women.  Predicated on successful mentorship and peer-learning models, Accelerate-Her matches a pool of professional mentors with participants based on their professional background and business focus.

In phase one of Accelerate-Her, 35 participants will participate in a one-week bootcamp on generating a business model canvas, refining their value proposition, and customer and key channels to deliver value. Participants can plan to engage 12-16 hours during the bootcamp week, including group sessions and take home activities.

In phase two, a cohort of 15 select participants (from the bootcamp) will receive a tailored assessment to identify business strengths and gaps and will then be matched with lead mentors. The nine-week programme culminates in a demo and pitch day to showcase participant businesses to potential partners and investors.

The cohort programme will meet weekly. Participants are expected to dedicate between 8-10 hours per week during the cohort programme, which includes in-person meeting time, mentorship meetings, and self-paced activities.

Accelerate-Her is seeking motivated women entrepreneurs who recognize the value of an interactive and collaborative approach to grow their business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

Women entrepreneurs seeking to expand their company, access new markets or increase efficiencies and innovation should submit their interest to the upcoming call for applications.

Accelerate-Her will run from September – December 2021 and will be delivered over a 10-week period.

The Centre receives financial support from the Greater Guyana Initiative, funded by the Stabroek Block co-venturers ExxonMobil, Hess and CNOOC.

Road to Growth

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Road to Growth is a tried, tested and highly successful programme for women entrepreneurs looking to take their existing businesses to the next level.

It is an online and face-to-face business management and investment readiness programme for women entrepreneurs, delivered by expert in-country partners carefully selected by the Foundation.

Road to Growth uses a ‘blended learning’ approach, which combines in-class training with a unique, custom-built online learning tool.  As participants progress through Road to Growth, they build and develop their business growth plan each week so that at the end of the training, they have a clear vision and direction for their business.

The in-class training enables women to benefit from networking opportunities and peer-to-peer learning, while the e-modules allow women to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Road to Growth is delivered over seven weeks and covers the following topics:

  • Knowing Your Market
  • Digital Marketing
  • Knowing your business
  • Understanding Financing
  • Managing Financial Relationships
  • Applying for Financing
  • Confidence building

The Road to Growth programme requires a commitment of 8-10 hours per week and mainly occurs online.  COVID protocols permitting, face-to-face classes may take place during weeks 1 and 7 in an easy-to-access location in Georgetown.

This programme is most appropriate for women whose businesses are at the development and growth stage. The programme is not suitable for women running businesses at the start-up stage.

Since 2015, over 2,500 women entrepreneurs around the globe have benefitted from the programme.

Road to Growth will support 25 women in Guyana to grow more successful and sustainable businesses.

Road to Growth will run from September – November 2021 and training will be delivered over a 7-week period.

In Guyana, Road to Growth receives financial support from the ExxonMobil Foundation.

Who we are looking for

Applicants over the age of 18 that meet the following criteria should apply to Accelerate-Her and Road to Growth:


  • Embody coachability and commitment
  • Either a founder or a member of the management team of an existing small business
  • Guyanese citizen living in and based in Guyana


  • Is more than a year old, and is looking to grow, access new markets or add innovative best practices
  • Is a small business with at least 2 employees
  • Is legally registered in Guyana
  • Is women-led and with women in key leadership positions

We encourage businesses in any sector and businesses with a focus on scaling and expanding operations in diverse industries including tourism, agri-business, food and beverage industry, travel and transport or hospitality to apply.

Note: Proficiency with video conferencing platforms (i.e. Zoom, Teams, Webex) and virtual collaboration tools (i.e. Google docs, Dropbox) is recommended.

The application process

The application process

By completing this application interested entrepreneurs automatically apply to both programmes. Our screening process is designed to select women entrepreneurs who will benefit most from the entrepreneurship programmes to achieve success in growing or developing their businesses. Participants will be selected based on their suitability to meet the two programmes’ criteria.

Applicants are encouraged to complete their application in full and ensure the information provided is accurate and the documentation is genuine. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission.

There is no fee associated with applying or participating in the Accelerate-Her or Road to Growth programmes.


Please join us for a live question and answer session. You can send us your questions in advance.

August 5, 2021 – 10:00 am

DEADLINE: Please submit your application by August 13, 2021 for the 2021/22 cycle.

If you are unable to submit your application online, you may contact Cara_Harley@dai.com or call +592-223-7781 for assistance in completing your application.