Customised Workforce Training

The Workforce Training Programme is yet another way the Centre continues to expand its Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) classroom and on-site training to meet growing demand across Guyana.

Utilising a flexible and adaptable approach, the Centre through consultations and on-site visits crafts a training programme and materials customised to meet the operational needs of the client. Training can be provided at all levels – front line, middle management, and senior staff.

Steps in Customised Workforce Training Development

Centre’s Workforce Training Programme

As word of the value and high impact of the Centre’s Workforce Training Programme has spread in Guyana, more and more international and local companies are seeking the Centre’s services.

The experienced Centre team collaborates closely with the client to choose the delivery method, time needed to execute, and local resources to deliver the training. Prior to programme roll-out, necessary revisions or tweaks are made based on testing and feedback.

The Workforce Training Programme is yet another significant way the Centre and its partners are advancing the progress and sustainability of the safety culture in Guyana.

Safety, Health and Environment Areas of Focus

Workforce Training Clients include:

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