Building HSSE Momentum

With Guyana, now an oil producer, the Centre is playing a critical role in addressing existing gaps to ensure Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) processes are integrated into the business ecosystem. Through the Centre’s HSSE Management System Programme local businesses are successfully upgrading their safety culture and systems to meet international standards to become more competitive and profitable.

Over 180 local companies participated in the Centre’s introductory HSSE seminars. The seminars, tailored for senior managers from Guyanese businesses, provided an overview of core HSSE concepts. As follow-up, one-on-one sessions were then held with over 50 companies. During these consultations Centre experts provided personalized guidance to local companies on developing or enhancing their HSSE management systems. Based on these engagements, 10 Guyanese companies committed to partnering with the Centre to be prioritized to complete HSSE system upgrades.

The Centre continues to work closely with the selected companies through individual consultations to guide them through HSSE management system and manual implementation. To overcome lingering institutional gaps, the Centre recently created three additional awareness-level courses:

1) Workplace Assessment/Hazard Recognition; 2) Job Safety Analysis; and 3) Incident Management. The 10 Guyanese companies are expected to graduate from the Centre’s Management System Programme by mid-2020.