The Centre Hub
Redefining what a Business Directory can do for you

The Centre Hub is the premier platform for suppliers and buyers seeking business and procurement and training opportunities, as well as B2B networking in Guyana. Powered by an International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) coding system, businesses registered on the Centre Hub are alerted to upcoming local business opportunities across a wide variety of sectors including the oil and gas industry.

How to Register on the Centre Hub

Step 1 Profile Creation

  1. Company Information
    Company name, website, legal address, date founded, company type, company size, contact numbers/email addresses, country of incorporation, country/region, logo
  2. Login Credentials
    Contact information: full name of primary user, designation, email, create password
  3. Ownership Information
    Is the company Guyanese (51% owned, 75% management staff, 90% general staff), CARICOM, other?
    Is the company woman-owned?
  4. Economic Activity
    A list of goods/services your company provides (select the applicable category)

Step 2 Profile Completion

  1. Legal Information
    VAT Registration Number, Company TIN Number, Local Content Certificate Number
  2. Certificates
    Any official certificates pertaining to your business/company e.g. Business Registration, Certificate of Incorporation, HSSE Certificates, ISO Certificates, Certifications
  3. Referrals
    List of previous work experiences
  4. Management Systems
    Questions about your business management- HSSE Management System, Quality Management System, etc.
  5. Membership
    Business associations/membership organisations your company is part of e.g. Private Sector Commission, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  6. Documents
    Soft copies of documents for upload e.g. company profiles, brochures, image

Advantages of the Centre Hub

Business Opportunities

Suppliers can continuously update details including goods and services offered, contact information, and financial status.

Prime Contractors can easily access the largest list of Guyanese suppliers, their business information and the goods/services they provide.

Contractor-Supplier Interaction

Suppliers can actively seekĀ business opportunities posted on the Centre Hub that are continuously updated by Prime Contractors.

Prime Contractors can send targeted business tenders and notifications via email.

Business Growth

Suppliers will have a more interactive platform to request business-to-business matching and register for training opportunities/events.

Prime Contractors can share information on their Vendor Days and RFI Clarification Meetings.