Becoming an oil-producing nation has ushered significant transformations in Guyana’s safety landscape, compelling a surge in demand for elevated safety standards across all industries. Recognising this pressing need, the Centre has played and continues to play an integral role in fostering the development and expansion of a safety culture in Guyana.  The Centre has a diverse array of programmes to assist companies in meeting these heightened requirements.

Through trainings, mentorship programmes, and rigorous audits, the Centre is enhancing the capacity of our clients to navigate and excel in this evolving safety paradigm. Discover how our initiatives can empower your organisation to embrace best practices, mitigate risks, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of Guyana’s growing industries.

Labour Requirements

Designed for companies venturing into Guyana’s market (international or new local) or established companies seeking clarity on legal obligations, the Centre for Local Business Development’s programme is your key to assurance and compliance. Through a comprehensive assessment and tailored training, the Centre’s HSSE experts guide international, and local businesses toward understanding and implementing solutions that meet regulatory standards.

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HSSE System Audits

Designed for companies that already have working safety system and need to identify missing gaps or confirm its validity as compared to safety compliance requirements of Prime Contractors and Operators in Guyana. The Centre’s HSSE System Audit will help a company to map out their HSSE journey by starting with a safety gap analysis and identifying their next steps. In a short amount of time after the audit has been concluded, a comprehensive report detailing the findings and suggestions for improvement will be provided to the company.

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Workforce Training

Transform your company’s safety culture from compliance-based to value-driven with our comprehensive HSSE Workforce Training. Trust the Centre’s team of experts to design a tailored training package suitable for your organisation’s needs, delivering to workers at all levels.

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