Engaging Stakeholders

For ExxonMobil Guyana, stakeholder engagement is one of the cornerstones of successful business practice. To that end, the company held several regional engagements and community outreaches throughout 2022. These included interactions with business associations and local businesses through events, committees, and forums such as the GCCI Business Development Forum, Private Sector Commission Local Content Feedback Forum, and the Centre for Local Business Development (Centre) Community Business Talks series.

Community outreaches also took place with Regional Democratic Councils, Community Development NGOs and educational institutes, where ExxonMobil Guyana representatives engaged school children, community leaders and residents, sharing information and supporting community initiatives.

Over 200 people attended workshops on Requests for Information (RFI) clarification, Facilities Management, and Inbound Logistics. Further engagement with Guyanese suppliers’ and key representatives at the International Energy Conference in Guyana in February and the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas in May were great ways to network, build relationships, and share information.

In November, ExxonMobil Guyana led a Supplier Forum in Leonora, Region 3. The event, supported by the Centre, saw over 3,000 people attend; over 800 business representatives on day one, and on day two when the event was open to the public over 2,000 stakeholders took the opportunity to find out more about the industry. The forum saw high levels of engagement and positive feedback from all parties.