HSSE – From Office to Home

The HSSE Management System (MS) has now become an important programme at the Centre, and with good reason. The benefits of the programme go beyond ensuring compliance with national and international requirements and expectations. Companies are beginning to see that when they take care of their employees, they in turn take care of the business.

One business that experienced this firsthand is Dunae Trading – locally owned and operated chemical manufacturer. This company joined the Centre’s programme when they realised that they were operating at an acceptable level but wanted to raise their standards and simultaneously protect the lives of their workers.

Like any other company, Dunae attended the in-person courses, participated in the one-on-one sessions, where they learned of the gaps in their system that they would not have otherwise recognized, and began their journey to writing a company specific HSSE manual. It is through this self-discovery process that companies truly grasp the magnitude of the preparation that goes into implementing preventative HSSE measures. They learn of ways to implement HSSE communication, training, hazard identification, risk assessment, incident and emergency management and so much more in the context of their operations and the people that manage and operate it.

In the words of one employee, “Since we started with the Centre, I have learned so much that I can also use at home to keep my family safe.” The true measure of the impact of this programme lies within the ripple effect as it passes from us to the business to the employee and to their loved ones.