HSSE Updates

COVID-19 highlights that health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) work is not only for the oil and gas industry. Over the last 3 months, PPE and N95 masks are important topics for all businesses. The Centre’s commitment to HSSE training did not wane but went virtual as well. As companies prepare to bounce back post COVID closedowns, multiple firms progressed through the Centre’s HSSE programme. This work was supported through virtual courses in Workplace Assessment, Job Safety Analysis and Hazard Identification.

In addition, Centre staff are consulting with firms via phone, teleconference and WhatsApp. These consultations allow firms to gain critical feedback for their HSSE plans. During the last three months, at least nine firms are in the final stage: awaiting a Centre site visit of their workspace to confirm HSSE plans. Beyond the HSSE programme, the Centre launched a twice-weekly Tool Box talk. These five to 15 minute teleconferences allow the Centre to pass along key HSSE information in an easy-to-digest format to businesses. It allows the development of that critical safety culture to continue even when employees are not on-site.