Managing Growth

The Centre recently introduced a new business outreach series aimed at helping local companies to better manage their growth and navigate market changes occurring in Guyana’s expanding oil and gas sector (O&G) – Community Business Talks.

The Community Business Talks series is designed to help local businesses understand and develop legal, and operational requirements of the oil and gas sector as they continue to grow and expand in this sector.

It also provides direct access to Prime Contractors that are available to share their insights and answer questions from the attendees. Over 100 representatives from across various industries of the economy have attended these Talks.

The four sessions focused on core business requirements that are rapidly evolving: understanding contracting terms, the payments and invoicing process, insurance requirements in contracts, and understanding SMART partnerships.

The sessions were led by experts from ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, SBM Offshore, Saipem, local Guyanese businesses and the insurance association.

The Community Business Talks, along with the Centre’s well-established training and mentoring programmes, offer local business another meaningful way to engage directly with prime contractors in the O&G sector and to help plan for future growth.