Market Reports

On-Demand Analysis
Gain A Precise Understanding of Specific Business Economic Domains

As Guyana’s economy advances, various economic factors are continually changing. Stay ahead of the curve by making informed business, strategic, and policy decisions supported by up-to-date market demand data and expert analysis from the Centre’s Analytics Department.

Engage the Centre to grant your business strategic access to

Comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis

Unlock actionable insights and strategic foresight with our comprehensive cost-benefit analysis service.

Thorough Competitiveness Analysis

Be informed of your business’s competitive environment to help strengthen your strategy to market entry or expansion.

Detailed Supply Chain Analysis

Understand your supply chain needs to help fill gaps and strength your business operations.

In-Depth Feasibility Studies

Drive informed decisions and stay ahead in today’s dynamic markets with in-depth feasibility studies.

Detailed Market Entry Studies

Gain relevant information to guide your decision on entering Guyana.

Product Specific Assessments

Assess the in-country market on product specifications before launching a new product or adjusting an existing one.

The Centre’s Approach

Scope Assessment Meeting

Our analytics experts kick off with a detailed discussion to understand your needs, areas of interest, and scope to provide you with a quotation and timeline for execution.

Primary and Secondary Research

Based on the meeting, the team will conduct relevant primary and secondary research to ascertain the necessary information. This can include surveys, desktop reviews, and more.

In-depth Analysis of Data

Our analytics team will aggregate the data into a digestible format, adding country and sector-based context from findings stemming from the primary and secondary research.

Delivery and Recommendations

With meticulous attention to detail, our experts will deliver the complete assessment to you and your team with proposed recommendations for further action to help your investment goals.

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