Designed for companies venturing into Guyana’s market (international or new local) or established companies seeking clarity on legal obligations, the Centre for Local Business Development’s programme is your key to assurance and compliance. Through a comprehensive assessment and tailored training, the Centre’s HSSE experts guide international, and local businesses toward understanding and implementing solutions that meet regulatory standards.

The Centre’s Tailored Process

  1. Scope Assessment Meeting
    Our experts kick off with a detailed discussion to understand your activities, size, and facilities, ensuring a customisable approach.
  2. Hands-On Facility Tour
    We attain firsthand insights into your operations with a thorough tour of your facilities,  understanding the nuances of your activities and workforce.
  3. Tailored Checklist or Training Programme
    We craft a customised training programme aligned with your company’s unique business model, ensuring relevance and effect, with up-t-date information and in-class exercises.
  4. Delivery and Recommendations
    With meticulous attention to detail, our experts will deliver the programme before compiling a comprehensive client report. This report includes full assessment of company’s HSSE legal requirements, current company compliance level and steps forward.