Transform your company’s safety culture from compliance-based to value-driven with our comprehensive HSSE Workforce Training. Trust the Centre’s team of experts to design a tailored training package suitable for your organisation’s needs, delivering to workers at all levels.

Tailored Training for Every Level

  • Choose from the basic programme for the general workforce or the advanced programme for supervisors and managers. Both span two days and cover crucial topics such as legal requirements, hazard identification, lifesaving actions, incident management, and more.

Personalised Approach to Training Development

  • Direct consultations to understand your organisation’s scope of work and training requirements.
  • Experts tailor the training design and development to meet your specific expectations and ensure knowledge transfer within your company.

Expert-led Training with Measurable Results

  • Local seasoned facilitators guarantees proof of learning and adapt content delivery to resonate with all participants, ensuring maximum engagement and comprehension.

Comprehensive Post-Training Support

  • The Centre’s team provides a detailed report summarising key learnings, evaluation results, and actionable insights. The goal is to ensure that your organisation receives tangible benefits from the training experience. Additional ongoing HSSE support is also available upon request.